InterMedia provides television and digital video production services, broadcast design engineering support, studio design and integration, and production training. Our commercial side develops documentary films, TV series and public-affairs programming, and our Government services side provides media production and broadcast systems engineering support for agencies like US Special Operations Command, US Central Command, Army Psychological Operations (PSYOP), US NAVY (HQ) CHINFO, NAVAIR, NSWC, USMC, USAF.

                    InterMedia’s mobile application development team provides cross-platform apps

                    for iPhone, Android, iPad and Windows devices, as well as desktop applications.

                    Our development team released the Official U.S. Navy App in 2013.

Special projects include multi-classification network switching systems, including our FiberSwitchTM optical switching systems, Audio-Video HD-SDI TandemSwitch and remote-controlled dual-classification Power TandemSwitch systems. These systems are accredited for U.S. Military applications.

InterMedia partner AERO - provides specialized communications drones,

UAV systems engineering and development of airborne autonomous flight

systems, command tracking centers, aerial broadcast and network platforms,

geo-located airborne transmitters, UAV-to-UAV intranet, and atmospheric

sensor systems. Innovation research includes powered tethering systems and

hybrid power storage for persistent point-of-presence in 3D space.   CLICK FOR MORE ->

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